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AI-Powered Cross Channel Marketing Automation to Strengthen your Business


Cross Channel Marketing Automation
optikpi Vision

Our Vision

To reinvent and accelerate the use of business intelligence, to create the best marketing automation tool that transform the world of marketing for gaming companies. To help companies to reach out to their customers and build long lasting engaging relationships.

Optikpi Vision

Our Commitment to you

We promise to offer the best marketing services solely for gaming marketers to help them visualise and achieve the best measurable goals, strategise for the prosperous future and connect with their gamers more efficiently leading them to acquire new players and retain loyal ones at the same time uplift their business to a whole new level.

about us

About Us

OptiKPI is a new generation technology firm based out in Finland that helps a business to reimagine their marketing technique by sending timely, relevant and automated notifications to their users helping them increase engagement, retention and acquisition even without technical skills or knowledge.

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